Tour Package

It is always hard to make a choice from the best of best, when there are so many sights to visit with little time and tight budget. Therefore, it is our mission to make your dream of the trip to Tibet easy, reliable and risk free.

With our benefit of know-how, we are confident that our services are at the most sincere. You will experience lower cost than you would on your own, all free from the booking frustration and mistakes that might otherwise keep you from enjoying yourself in your journey.

For this reason, we carefully designed these tour packages to fit your preference, time and budget. If you have something else in mind, simply click here to begin designing a unique route, just for you!

Lhasa City Tour Popular Route
1-2-3: Lhasa, the Forbidden City is the heart and soul of Tibet for centuries. To date, it is still a city of wonders, which includes the exotic religious culture, the Tibetan Buddhism and monasteries, museum and the rich old folk customs. One to two weeks: This usually includes two-day Holy Lhasa City tour plus the surrounding visit heading northwest to the Namtso Lake, southwest to Shigatse and the Mt Everest Base Camp, south to the Yomdrok Lake, and/or east to the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon in Nyingchi.
Adventure Route Custom Tour
Two weeks or more: This usually includes two-day Holy Lhasa City tour plus the journey overland to the outback — far west of Tibet, the Mt Kailash via the Mt Everest Base Camp, to the ruins of ancient fresco and Guge Kingdom. If you are interested in biking, trekking, rafting, mountaineering or other adventure activities to the nature, please do not hesitate to enquire here.


  1. We highly recommend spending the first couple of days, at least, getting yourself accustomed to the high altitude in Tibet. Do not exercise too strenuously. Lhasa city lies considerable above the altitude where your body would begin to feel oxygen deficiency. Headaches, vomiting and heart palpitation are common ailments that appear in the first couple of days. Those with severe heart, blood or chest problems should seek medical advice before traveling.
  2. In the case of a private tour, we will arrange an English speaking licensed tour guide, a licensed driver and a private vehicle, for you and your group. The guide, driver and vehicle will be solely at your disposal for the entire duration of your tour.
  3. Sightseeing places and the itinerary are subject to change as per the flight/train schedule, weather, road condition and approval by the local authorities. The guest is responsible for the extra cost if it occurred.
  4. In the case of emergency, all our vehicles carry medical used oxygen cylinders.