Welcome to Tibet Walk

People travel for several reasons such as, to explore how people live in different parts of the world, to see beautiful places, to escape from regular life style and experience adventures. Tibet is just the destination one would dream for and strive to make the dream comes true.

What makes Tibet unique? Tibet is a plateau region in Asia, north of the Himalayas, the highest region on earth sometimes referred to as the roof of the world. Its unique high attitude, mysterious and exotic religious culture, stunning highland landscapes, and fascinating people reward every tourist with an indelible life long memory!

The unique topography makes Tibet rich in travel resources. It has the highest mountains in the world – Mt. Qomolangma 8,850 meters; the largest canyon in the world – Yarlung Zangbo River Great Canyon with a total depth 5,380 meters; the largest scale of vertical eco-system zones – from the highest point on the earth 8,850 m, to the bottom of valley 900 meters elevation. There are over 1500 lakes sprinkling on this beautiful land – the highest located lakes of the world; and several famous rivers in Asia originate here. It is considered a paradise for the travelers who like biking, trekking, rafting, mountaineering or other adventure activities to the nature.

The warm and bright sunshine, clean fresh air, crystal clear sky, vast grassland and snow-capped peaks are not the only theme for traveling Tibet, there are also the Tibetan Buddhism and the rich old folk customs, such as the residential housing, costumes, weddings, funerals and the folk arts, songs and dance traditions. Tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy when there is various traditional festivals celebration. The most characteristic and vigorous part of the Tibetan culture can be found in Lhasa, Chamdo, Zetang and Shigatse. What more? There are never lack of handicrafts and carvings for souvenirs at your eye shopping.

This is definitely the trip of a life time, where no other destination provides so many unforgettable experience and memories. Therefore, it is our mission to make your dream of the trip to Tibet reality and risk free. For this reason, we carefully designed a selection of tour packages to fit your preference, time and budget. We understand a package may not fit everyone, therefore we also provide the best fit – custom tour! Simply click here to begin designing a unique route, just for you.